Service Description

1. Training

One or more of the school’s teacher(s) or other school personnel completes the KnowNow-training that grants the KnowNow-license. The duration of the training is one to two days.

2. Contact person

The school will choose the KnowNow-contact person(s) that are familiarized/introduced into KnowNow-wellbeing key’s pedagogical principles, measuring devices, and use of the mobile application. The KnowNow-training gives the readiness to apply the concept in one’s school.

3. Certificate

The schools that carry out/implement the KnowNow-program are awarded the KnowNow-wellbeing certificate. The certificate functions as a measurable testimony of the reality that the certified school regularly assesses student wellbeing. Therefore, the certificate transmits security toward the homes that the students are in good hands and encourages the collaboration between the homes and the school. Wellbeing has an attested impact on academic success, desirable working conditions (discipline problems in the classroom), school motivation, behavioral issues, and learning results.hyvinvointisertifikaatti. Sertifikaatti toimii kodin ja koulun yhteistyössä kotien suuntaan mitattuna todistuksena siitä, että koulu arvioi säännöllisesti oppilaiden hyvinvointia. Hyvinvointi on todistetusti suorassa yhteydessä koulumenestykseen, työhyvinvointiin (työrauhaongelmiin), motivaatioon, käyttäytymiseen ja oppimistuloksiin.

4. Equipment

The equipment needed for KnowNow-wellbeing measurements is avalaible for rent. Hence, the school need not acquire any new technology or worry about servicing the equipment. The measuring devices and tablets show teachers real-time information on the advancement of wellbeing.

5. Shipping and return of the equipment

All the equipment is delivered to schools via transport boxes. Each box contains 30 numbered measuring devices and one tablet with instructions. The equipment is returned after the expiration of the rental agreement using the original transport boxes.

6. Monitoring of the measurement results

The results are visible via the mobile app in real-time, and their interpretation is simple. The contact teacher will help with the analysis. Also, the technical support of the KnowNow will be available for assistance.

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