Keys to wellbeing

KnowNow-wellbeing key seamlessly unites pedagogy and technology together. The KnowNow-pedagogy is based upon three divisions/aspects of supporting and promoting wellbeing: Learning Wellbeing, Leading Wellbeing, and Wellbeing Environments. The technology is used to measure subjective and objective data and to gather relevant background information.

KnowNow™ The technology of the KnowNow-wellbeing key

The KnowNow-measurement obtains information about children’s individual energy and activity levels. Our target of interest is to know how energetic does a child feels in differing environments, in school, home, hobbies, and friends. The individual energy level observations and interpretations are based on data gained through various subjective and objective measurements using a KnowNow-measuring device/sensor. The device/sensor is used similarly to a wristwatch. The KnowNow sensor/device is very accurate and recognizes even the tiniest of movements. The device/sensor can identify sleeping time and passive moments (i.e., sitting and screen time) but also distinct forms and levels of physical activity.

KnowNow™ The pedagogy of the KnowNow-wellbeing key

Learning Wellbeing

Teaching of wellbeing is often considered being a hard task. Knowledge/information seldom transforms our lifestyles; in addition transformation requires wellbeing and inner motivation. In this sense, learning wellbeing is easier because students are more naturally motivated and guided from inside – supported by a structure for learning. Learning Wellbeing answers the question “Why?”

Leading Wellbeing

Leading Wellbeing answers the question “How?”. This aspect concretely orientates students toward the goals of learning. These goals are not built only on a personal and individual level, but also on a classroom level - pedagogically and with assisting technology.

Wellbeing Environments

Wellbeing environments are both physical and social. They either facilitate or slow down learners in achieving their maximum potential. The KnowNow-wellbeing key aids students in perceiving and identifying the roles social relationships and recreation play regarding overall wellbeing. Together transformation becomes easier than alone. Wellbeing Environments -aspect answers the question “What?”

“More wellbeing, fewer problems.”
(Jukka Sinnemäki, Global Teacher Prize 2018 finalist)

10 reasons to use KnowNow™ -wellbeing key

  • Development of a child’s self-understanding
  • The learner understands what has been learned through one’s own personhood
  • A way to measure learning readiness
  • Deepening of subject matters
  • Enhance understanding between educators and a child
  • New tool for collaboration between school and home
  • Advance working conditions in a classroom
  • Promotion of school personnel wellbeing and coping at work
  • Resourcing of management and special needs education
  • Real-time information support for school management

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