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Expert thoughts on wellbeing

PE teacher, PT
Irina Matilainen-Tuokkola
Wellbeing is happiness
Education researcher
Pasi Matikainen
Human dignity and wellbeing
PE & HealthEd Teacher & Educator, Ph.D.
Henna Haapala
Wellbeing and learning
Sports and exercise medicine researcher, Ph.D.
Eero Haapala
Wellbeing assessment/measurement
Jukka Sinnemäki
Invest in wellbeing

KnowNow™-wellbeing key

KnowNow-wellbeing key seamlessly unites pedagogy and technology together. The three divisions/aspects of KnowNow-pedagogy (1) learning wellbeing, (2) leading wellbeing, and (3) wellbeing environments form a foundation for promoting school-aged children’s wellbeing. The pedagogical vision and implementation are complemented by KnowNow-technology which measures the wellbeing of a child and gathers wellbeing related background information.

Pedagogy and technology together form the KnowNow-wellbeing keythat addresses the wellbeing of students and class both individually and communally. For the student, the key offers a way of understanding the consequences and opportunities of one’s personal choices. For the teacher, the key gives access to real-time and actionable knowledge to make the right pedagogical choices with individual students and at the classroom dynamics level. The KnowNow-wellbeing key also provides novel information for parents concerning the holistic wellbeing of their children, both in school and pastime, presenting means to a new and positive dialogue between the child and the school.

To us in KnowNow wellbeing is not merely numbers but about accessing and grasping the issues of “how are you doing and what are the influencing factors behind this”.

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